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Our Product Inventory Search provides up to date information on what products are available 24 hours a day. Model numbers, descriptions, list pricing and number in stock can be found using this functionality.


We have added a simple way for you to track your FedEx orders from the Dealer Extranet. Simply type in your P.O. or Order number and receive a custom tracking report courtesy of FedEx.

ROHL has partnered with FedEx for its shipping needs and is committed to bringing you the most reliable shipping options available in the United States. Though prices may look appealing, these products are not designed to be installed in American homes and significant problems may result. ROHL ensures that its products meet American plumbing installation standards and have American plumbing code approvals. ROHL will not service, warrant, nor provide customer support for product purchased from foreign distributors.

Product Inventory Search for the Dealer ExtraNet

Rohls ships with FedEx!!