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ROHL Shower Collections Deliver a Personalized Spa Experience

Irvine, CA – A luxury shower experience is no longer limited to secluded spiritual sanctuaries and to elite spa-goers. You can bring your own spa experience home and indulge in innovative water delivery systems. Give your body, mind and soul a break with water’s relaxation and therapy each and every day with a selection from the ROHL Shower Collection. Choose a rainfall showerhead with a massaging handshower and gentle body sprays, or a multi-function showerhead with a handshower set and grab bar; the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless as you create your own unique spa experience with ROHL, not to mention the unrivaled quality of every ROHL Shower Collection product.

As many expert spa-goers would say, the showerhead gives the shower experience its personality. It is your personal choice if you prefer a rainfall showerhead where water falls naturally as a heavy rainstorm all around you, like the ROHL Perrin & RoweŽ 12” Showerhead (U.5204). Or you may prefer to enjoy the option of adjustable water flow, as with the ROHL 3-Function Max-Flow Showerhead (BI00020), choosing rain mist one day, and the next a deep tissue massage. Whatever your preference, the ROHL Shower Collection has a showerhead style to match any water-shed personality.  Your daily shower should feel incredible, rejuvenating and inspiring in the morning, and calm, relaxing and spiritual in the evening.

Showerheads were once the quintessential point of distinction in the realm of home showers. ROHL has expanded on the simple shower and created a way for homeowners to design an entire shower package that is tailored to their own specifications and their family’s needs. Shower sets enhance the luxury of the shower experience by incorporating a handshower. Handshowers have allowed the shower experience to evolve and take on a multi-dimensional look and feel allowing for the freedom of space and movement. As with their showerheads, the ROHL Shower Collection Handshowers come in a variety of styles with many options to fit the needs of any homeowner. One option is the ROHL Country Collection 3-Function Classic Handshower/Hose/Bar/Outlet Set (1311) with a petite handle and a jetted shower spray. For those who like the sleek look of a more contemporary shower there is the ROHL Modern Shower Bar with Handshower, Hose and Outlet (1600) that offers a thin, non-intrusive handle with a one jet spray.

After the showerheads and handshower sets are chosen, the homeowner can start to get creative with many spa-like details that can take any old shower and transform it into a true spa haven. ROHL has many new spa ‘must haves’ including the ROHL Perrin & Rowe Collection 26" Rainbar (U.5580) with a 180? spray range. ROHL also offers body sprays from all of the ROHL Collections that include showers. The ROHL Multi-Function Body Spray (1095/8) has a multi-function spray pattern along with directional spray for whatever your mood and a new feature that allows for 90% shut-off if needed. Like all of ROHL’s body sprays, the ROHL Multi-Function Body Spray has a swivel connection to allow for the freedom and convenience of directing water wherever desired.

The popularity of ROHL Collections is due to the versatility in the offering. ROHL offers many handle options to pair nicely with their shower collections in all of their exquisite finishes. Design enthusiasts can choose from cross handles or levers with metal or porcelain handles – there is a perfect style for every taste. And if indulgence is what you crave, it is all about the stunning Swarovski Crystal cross or lever handles sure to bring the ultimate in luxury to any new home spa, available from the ROHL Country Crystal Collection. From sleek and simple, to high style and ultimately indulgent, there is a showerhead or shower package for everyone. Aesthetics are key to an enjoyable spa experience, so the more beautiful the space, the more luxurious the experience.

Bringing the spa home to individuals with different tastes, wants and needs is a goal of ROHL’s. ROHL, presenters of high-end, luxury faucets, sinks and fixtures for America’s finest homes, resorts and hospitality projects, headquartered in Irvine, California, has helped thoughtful homeowners and designers create personal expressions of authentic luxury for over 20 years. Anchored in traditional family values, trust, integrity and innovation, the Rohl leadership possesses a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit that extends through the organization. ROHL’s strength comes from a synergy of family and friendship in partnership with suppliers and customers. From traditional to modern, the ROHL line includes a wide range of top-quality faucets, fixtures, shower components and accessories. Sourced from Western Europe, New Zealand and North America, each is crafted to ROHL’s rigid specifications and is uniquely tailored for the American home, hotel or resort.