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ROHL Shaws Fireclay Sink

Irvine, CA – For many families, the kitchen is the focal point of the home. It is a room not only for cooking and eating but also a room for coming together and socializing. Therefore, it must be a room that embodies the personality of the home and the family that lives within its walls. Once in the kitchen, the sink is more times than not the centerpiece of the room. Around it meals are prepared, fueling the beginnings of dinner conversations and bringing family members closer. A tool in the kitchen that provokes so much activity needs to not only be stylish in appearance, but also durable in design, qualities that ROHL’s Shaws Fireclay Sinks have delivered for over one hundred years.

ROHL understands that today’s homeowner values comfort, excellent form and beauty over strict practicality. Discriminating consumers demand not just function but elegance as well. In the late 1800s, fireclay sinks were widely used for their durability and style in luxury and mainstream homes in London. These elements have remained key to ROHL’s Shaws Fireclay Sinks and are the reasons for their popularity resurfacing now in the 21st century. They are elevating their stature from a strictly ‘behind-the-scenes’ practical sink (as they used to be thought of), to becoming the latest fashion ‘must-have’, a ‘statement piece’, for fine homes everywhere and a recognizable luxury focal point for the kitchen.

ROHL believes that incorporating the fireclay sink into high-end kitchens creates an environment of superior functionality while maintaining a sense of luxury.

Partnering with Shaws, a company that has hand-crafted fireclay sinks since 1897 in Darwen, England, ROHL brings authentic, handmade fireclay sinks to the U.S. market. Still hand poured, shaped and stamped with the name of the original artisans who sculpted the clay, these sinks are acid, alkali, scratch and impact resistant. The attention to detail has made ROHL’s Shaws Collection of fireclay sinks true works of art and the craftsmen who have been designing and making them for over a century, real modern day tradesmen. ROHL’s Shaws Fireclay Sinks are made one by one, like pieces of art. The tie-in of heritage and history to modern luxury sets these hand-crafted sinks apart from those of competitors.

Fired at 2,264 degrees Fahrenheit, twice the firing temperature of cast iron products, fireclay sinks are tough, durable and stand out as a superior option for the busy kitchens of today. The high firing temperature unites the clay of the sink and glaze into one unit which makes the sink chip and rust resistant as well as lead free. Available in white, biscuit and black, ROHL’s Shaws Fireclay Sinks are stain resistant and can endure heavy use. This industrial strength sink can be used as a beautiful kitchen essential while maintaining its sturdiness and resistance. Its beauty and integrity will withstand the tests of time, age and use.

ROHL is certainly the leader when it comes to presenting genuine fireclay sinks with history and tradition behind them that exemplifies the timeless elegance, beauty, quality, and durability of these epicenters for the kitchen. They have become a standard of ultimate authentic luxury.

Solely responsible for introducing Shaws to the U.S., ROHL provides high-end luxury faucets, sinks and fixtures for America’s finest homes, resorts and hospitality projects. Headquartered in Irvine, California, ROHL has been helping thoughtful homeowners and designers create personal expressions of authentic luxury for 20 years. ROHL’s strength comes from a synergy of family and friendship in partnerships with suppliers and customers. From traditional to modern, the ROHL line includes a wide range of top-quality faucets, fixtures, shower components and accessories. Sourced from Western Europe, New Zealand and North America, each is crafted to ROHL’s rigid specifications and is uniquely tailored for the American home, hotel or resort.