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‘Old World Heritage’... an industry trend of historical  splendor,
best matched by modern convenience

Irvine, CA – ROHL LLC presenters of high-end, luxury faucets, fixtures and sinks has become an industry trend-setter using the idea of ‘Old World Heritage’ as a base for products that have stood the test of time and may be updated only for modernity. The concept of ‘Old World Heritage’ design has taken hold of the home building and decorating industries, especially this season. In the kitchen and bath arena, this trend showcases the finest crafted faucets, fixtures and sinks that have a deeply rooted history, which has been passed down for centuries. ROHL products convey authenticity. “Authenticity is the new luxury,” Ken Rohl states. The gorgeous aesthetics and true functionality of these products can be incorporated into the most modern or traditional homes by bringing beauty and an air of aristocracy to the kitchen and bath.

Exclusive ROHL Collections, such as Perrin & RoweŽ, Shaws, Allia, Cisal and ROHL Country, all contain examples of the ‘Old World Heritage’ trend we have seen cropping up in exclusively designed homes. Taking cues from Old World Europe and the United Kingdom, many of the ROHL Collections’ most popular styles are inspired by architectural styles of yesteryear. Perrin & Rowe is the perfect example of a faucet and fixture line that takes its inspiration directly from a time in history rich with architectural styles, namely two different periods in the British timeline, the Georgian and Edwardian Eras. Classic, sophisticated architectural lines of the Edwardian period are seen in many of the mainstays of Perrin & Rowe. More recently, Perrin & Rowe has incorporated Georgian architectural traits into their newest line which directly translates by exhibiting uniform, symmetrical designs. Not unlike the townhouses in London from that period, their facades employ classical pilasters, pedimented doors and windows, and graceful moldings. There is a sense of proportion and balance to the Perrin & Rowe crafted faucets and fixtures. Simple mathematical ratios were used to determine window heights in relation to room widths and shapes, basing all design ratios on cube proportions. The Georgian Era was a time of understated elegance that conveyed perfect balance and order. Designs were stately. Classical and formal details were incorporated into every aspect of decorative elements throughout the design community during this period.

When speaking about classic architecture we must remember that the sun didn’t always rise and set on the British Empire. The ‘Old World Heritage’ trend incorporates influences from French and Italian historic structures as well. Both the Cisal and the ROHL Country Collection are genuinely influenced by old French country manse stylings or well-worn villas of a small village in Northern Italy.

We see so much of Old World Europe surfacing in modern day home accessories. Farm sinks that were once thought of as strictly back room functional are now the centerpiece of an entirely upscale kitchen. Bidets are cropping up in American homes as of late, what was mainly an exclusive European bath accoutrement is now becoming a coveted item, helping to create the ultimate luxury bathroom. Spa-like bathrooms with large areas to dress, relax, etc., are also trending a direct result ‘Old World’ thinking. Bathing used to be an event in times past, the aristocracy having spent hours lounging and leisurely enjoying the whole bath time ritual. Relaxation is key with the needs of a luxury bath today and ‘Old World Heritage’ designs enhance the aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that helps to nurture the mind, body and soul. Whether it is the tradition of the craft passed down through generations from a particular region or solely the environmental and architectural influences of a part of the world, antiquity and history play an important part of kitchen and bath products today. ROHL has cultivated that heritage and molded the essence sublimely to work seamlessly in a modern world with grace and dignity.

ROHL LLC presenters of high-end, luxury faucets, sinks and fixtures for America’s finest homes, resorts and hospitality projects, headquartered in Irvine, California has helped thoughtful homeowners and designers create personal expressions of authentic luxury for over 20 years. Anchored in traditional family values, trust, integrity and innovation the Rohl leadership possesses a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit that extends through the organization. ROHL’s strength comes from a synergy of family and friendship in partnership with suppliers and customers. From traditional to modern, the ROHL line includes a wide range of top-quality faucets, fixtures, shower components and accessories. Sourced from Western Europe, New Zealand and North America, each is crafted to ROHL’s rigid specifications and is uniquely tailored for the American home, hotel or resort.