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Old World Heritage meets the ROHL Luxury Bath

Irvine, CA – Beauty is something that is subjective, quite often ideas of beauty are molded by history…as the ideal of what is considered beautiful may change in standards over time. If something is not only beautiful, but tasteful and possesses great style it can be considered a standard of luxury. Luxury conjures up images of superior quality, style, good taste, lavish comfort and the epitome of fine living. Finely crafted European cars, meticulously designed Swiss watches, one thousand thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, super plush all white spa-quality towels…might say quality, the better things in life. When it comes to cornering the market on luxury in the bath, ROHL is considered the Rolls Royce of faucets and fixtures.

Much of ROHL’s association with luxury has to do with being the forerunner of a trend identified as ‘Old World Heritage’. Many ROHL products, be it that they use the latest technology and provide the most modern conveniences, are designed with history in mind.

Design influences span the globe and in essence, time. Many ROHL luxury bath ideas have been created to mirror Old World styling from the Edwardian and Georgian Era of Great Britain, as seen with the ROHL Perrin & Rowe Collection’s architectural faucets and fixtures. Created to mimic a certain time period, these products have the advantage of craftsmanship being passed down over hundreds of years that honestly make them completely authentic, not a mere imitation. For example take the stunning ROHL Perrin & Rowe Tub Filler with Handshower and Metal Lever Handles (U.3520LS/1), it could have stepped right out of the turn of the century and fit perfectly into a bath of that time paired with a gorgeous footed tub, just like the ROHL Free Standing Cast Iron Footed Bathtub (RT7032). A centerpiece that elevates the standing of any bath yesterday or today, luxury at its finest…one can almost picture the ladies in waiting close at hand.

Taking a direct cue from the English Era of the Georgian period of design, the ROHL Perrin & Rowe Georgian Era 3-Hole Wall Mount Column Spout Bath Set with Cross Handles (U.3784X) is another faucet and fixture set that transports one back in time. Perfect symmetry and complete balance of proportion, is expressed in this design taking stateliness and total order into consideration, which is a distinct trademark of Georgian architecture.

The British were not the only purveyors of high style and luxury back in the day. Most Old World European architectural style is still replicated today. The simplicity and pure rural genius of the rustic French or Italian countryside gives way to aesthetics associated today with the style of ‘Provence’. What was typical and practical years ago in many European villages has now become a much coveted mode today. Using a more rustic finish, such as Tuscan Brass, can transform the simplest shower system into a deluxe five-star spa that is a personal oasis.

Natural surroundings, such as stone can be delightfully accented by the best of both worlds, an adjustable jet shower system together with the single-function handshower set. The ROHL 6-Jet Adjustable Showerhead (BI0042) and Decorative Brass Shower Arm (HO8000) paired with the ROHL Country Bath Shower Trim (A2700LM) and ROHL Shower Single-Function Handshower Set (D805/1) is the perfect choice in Tuscan Brass for the finest ‘villa’ on the street. The ROHL 12” Shower Rose (1045/8) and Hook Shower Arm in Tuscan Brass (1475/12) or other finishes can also become not only an antique-looking choice but a decadent shower experience as well.

Another more refined interpretation of luxury country is the ROHL 24” Washbasin Sink (RP2420) set on the Pedestal Base (RP2711) which maintains a total sophistication that is perfect for the most pristine powder room. When paired with an elegant faucet such as, the ROHL Cisal 3-Hole Widespread Faucet with Lever Handles (AC1021L), nothing declares the ‘Old World Heritage’ trend more accurately.

So what is old is new…fashion statements for the bath that not only incorporate history into beautiful designs but ones that stand the test of time for technological advances and functionality. Luxury has an aristocratic air that evokes a feeling of being the best of the best. ROHL has defined luxury in the residential and hospitality bath of today with ‘Old World Heritage’ on their side.

ROHL, presenters of high-end, luxury faucets, sinks and fixtures for America’s finest homes, resorts and hospitality projects, headquartered in Irvine, California, has helped thoughtful homeowners and designers create personal expressions of authentic luxury for over 20 years. Anchored in traditional family values, trust, integrity and innovation, the Rohl leadership possesses a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit that extends through the organization.

ROHL’s strength comes from a synergy of family and friendship in partnership with suppliers and customers. From traditional to modern, the ROHL line includes a wide range of top-quality faucets, fixtures, shower components and accessories. Sourced from Western Europe, New Zealand and North America, each is crafted to ROHL’s rigid specifications and is uniquely tailored for the American home, hotel or resort.