Authentic Luxury

Authentic luxury is when original design and a commitment to craft come together, connecting touch of hand, truth in materials and place of origin.

Touch of Hand

Crafted in the towns and villages of Western Europe, North America and New Zealand, ROHL Collections are made using techniques handed down from generation to generation.

Truth in Materials

All ROHL Collections use genuine materials – Solid brass, ceramic cartridges and fittings, heavy ball fireclay – sourced from the regions in which they are made.

Place of Origin

Every ROHL Collection has a traceable provenance. They are made in the same shops and factories that have had a legacy of brassware and fixture making for decades.

New Zealand
North America

The Limoges region of France, known for its fine porcelain ware, is where the ROHL Allia Sink Collections are made.  Crafted from the special heavy ball clay found in the region, these sinks are made by skilled craftsmen whose legacies have been enamel and porcelain since the 19th century.

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Performance and engineering are German hallmarks that pervade the ROHL Jorger Bath Collections, made in Mannheim, Germany. Add unwavering attention to design and finishing detail, and the resulting products are magnificent as well as glamorous. Finished with rare metals like 18 karat gold and platinum, as well as inset with hand cut Austrian crystal, these collections are truly jewelry for the bath.

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The Piemonte region of northwestern Italy sits at the foot of the Alpine peaks bordering France and Switzerland. This beautiful area has a rich tradition of faucet making.  The hillside villages are home to craftsmen, who for generations have plied their trade in these small family factories. The ROHL Italian collections have a refined detailing that is a hallmark of Italian design.

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New Zealand

The land of the Kiwi is known for its fine wool and wines and also for its precision engineered yacht fittings. The same meticulous approach used to deliver high performance gear for racing yachts is infused into the ROHL faucet collections designed and built in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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North America

Home to important industrial designers and architects like Mies van der Rohe, Raymond Loewy and Charles and Ray Eames, North America has been celebrated for many iconic modern designs. ROHL has collaborated with North American manufacturers and designers, including interior and product designer Michael Berman, to create iconic forms born of a reverence for functional, streamlined design.

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Celebrated for exacting methods, cleanliness and scrupulous attention to detail, Switzerland designs and builds some of the finest and most technologically advanced instruments in the world. ROHL Swiss Accessories are made with this same exquisite attention to detail. Whether a World Health Organization endorsed filter cartridge or a specially crafted soap/lotion dispenser, these complementary components are best in class.

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ROHL Timeline

For 35 years ROHL has been discovering beautiful, authentically crafted products in the hidden corners of Western Europe, North America and New Zealand. Beginning with the original Pull-Out faucet, brought by Ken Rohl to America in 1983, the family-operated company continues to uncover exquisite faucets, fittings and fixtures for the kitchen and bath.

ROHL Original Pull-Out Faucet

Discovered in Europe by Ken Rohl, this unique discovery revolutionized the kitchen faucet. It helped to establish the company that became ROHL.

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ROHL Luxury Soap Dispensers

Crafted in Switzerland, these precision-crafted soap dispensers are a perfect complement to virtually any ROHL kitchen or bath faucet collection.

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ROHL Allia Fireclay Sinks

Made in the Limoges region of France since 1892, ROHL discovered these extremely durable sinks knowing they would offer a uniquely beautiful alternative to traditional coated cast iron and ceramic sinks.

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ROHL Italian Collections

Nestled in the foothills of the Alps in Northern Italy is a village affectionately known as the “village of Faucets”. ROHL collaborates with these family factories, creating a full portfolio of gorgeous, handcrafted faucets, fixtures and fittings – whether for master bath, powder room or spa shower.

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ROHL Classic Pull-Out Faucet

Harkening back to its roots, ROHL introduced a new version of the original Pull-Out faucet, created in New Zealand, to meet the needs of the 21st century kitchen.

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ROHL Michael Berman Collection

ROHL introduced one of the first designer created decorative plumbing lines when collaborating with Michael Berman. Inspired by the glamour of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s, this Collection introduces elegant transitional styling.

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ROHL Jorger Collection

Designed and engineered in Germany, the ROHL Jorger Collection is a striking and rare grouping of meticulously crafted faucets and fittings. The factory heritage harkens back to the early 20th century when the founder, Mr. Jorger, was the master plumber to the court of Grand Duke, Frederick I.

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House of Rohl
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